Bazi Basic Part 1 – Yin and Yang

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Tai Ji

Yin and Yang is symbolize by the Tai Ji(太极). Yin and Yang give birth to everything in the universe.


Yin is soft, subtle and is usually represented by the female.

Example of Yin are female, puddle of water, mist, Moon, flower, rain, night. Yin can be anything that is feminine and soft.


Yang is usually strong and often represented by the male.

Example of Yang are, huge tree, the Sun, big Oceans, Male, continent and anything Yang can be consider as masculine and usually huge.

When the Yin become too strong, the Yang seed within the Yin will start to grow. It is the same for Yang. Imagine when the time reach 12pm, the heat from the Sun will get very intense.

At the same time, the Yin seed will start to grow and slowly, it will grow cooler. This cycle is important in the study of metaphysics.


Yin and Yang needs to be balance. If the chart goes out of balance either by having too much Yin or too much Yang, the behavior of the person or object will be change.

For example, if the night (Yin) is prolong and the Sun (Yang) doesn’t rise, then crops that depend on the Sun to produce food will die and the world will be in hunger.

The 4 Seasons

Yin and Yang give birth to the four season which is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This in turn give rise to the 4 element, which is wood, fire, metal and water.


1) Yin and Yang are important concept in the Chinese Metaphysics.

2) Yin and Yang give birth to everything in the Universe.

3) They must be balance. If they are out of balance, things will not behave they way they suppose to.

4) When the Yin or the Yang become extreme, the opposite force will start to grow.