BaZhai Compass

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BaZhai also commonly know as eight mansion Feng Shui is commonly practice by many people due to its simplicity.

BaZhai Feng Shui make use of your birth year to determine your Kua number. With the Kua number you will know which group you belongs to. Basically, both East or West group has their own auspicious and inauspicious direction.

Usually FengShui consultant will calculate your Kua using formulas and then determine your 4 good and 4 bad direction.

This compass apps will help you to calculate your Kua number and automatically load the compass that is personalize to you base on your Kua number. You can instantly identify your good and bad directions in real time as it make use of your iphone compass function.

Having this application is like having an Eight Mansion FengShui consultant with you every where you go. You can identify your good direction in your house, in your office, meeting rooms or anywhere you go, in real time.


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