• Bazi Basic Part 5 - Understand the Four Pillar Chart                      
  • Bazi Basic Part 4 - Earthly Branches                      
  • Bazi Basic Part 3 - Ten Heavenly Stem The heavenly stem system is invented by Huang Di (黄帝) 2679BC-2599BC, or literally know as the Yellow Emperor, more than 4000 years ago. Each heavenly stem is like an element with polarity.                      
  • Bazi Basic Part 2 - Five Elements


    The Chinese believe the Universe is make up of Qi (气) of the 5 basic elements: they are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These energy or Qi cannot be destroy, but transform from one form to another.


    Each element has their own special characteristic, strength and weakness and it can be used to represent different aspect of a person life.. When an element gain enough strength will produce another element. This is the Cycle of Birth. When an element produce another element, its strength will be exhaust and become weaker. When an element gets too abundant, it will control or even destroy the weaker element. This is the Cycle of Destruction. This are two important cycle that govern the 5 elements.

    Cycle of Birth

    Cycle of Birth is about the elements producing one another forming a cycle. Wood produce Fire, Fire produce Earth, Earth produce Metal, Metal produce Water, Water produce Wood. The cycle repeat itself again.  

    Cycle of Destruction

    In Cycle of Destruction, the elements are in a cycle where they destroy or control one another.  Wood control Earth, Earth control Water,  Water control Fire, Fire control Metal and Metal control Wood.

    Five elements and the seasons

    The five elements can be used to represent the seasons.  

    Five Elements and taste

    The five elements can be used to represent the taste.

    Five Elements and Body Internal Organ

    The five elements can be used to represent the internal organs.

    Five Elements and Directions

    The five elements can be used to represent the directions.


    1) Five basic elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. 2) Elements are produce from the Cycle of birth 3) Elements are control by the Cycle of destruction 4) The five elements can be use to represent diferent aspect of life.  
  • Bazi Basic Part 1 - Yin and Yang

    Tai Ji

    Yin and Yang is symbolize by the Tai Ji(太极). Yin and Yang give birth to everything in the universe.


    Yin is soft, subtle and is usually represented by the female. Example of Yin are female, puddle of water, mist, Moon, flower, rain, night. Yin can be anything that is feminine and soft.


    Yang is usually strong and often represented by the male. Example of Yang are, huge tree, the Sun, big Oceans, Male, continent and anything Yang can be consider as masculine and usually huge. When the Yin become too strong, the Yang seed within the Yin will start to grow. It is the same for Yang. Imagine when the time reach 12pm, the heat from the Sun will get very intense. At the same time, the Yin seed will start to grow and slowly, it will grow cooler. This cycle is important in the study of metaphysics.   Yin and Yang needs to be balance. If the chart goes out of balance either by having too much Yin or too much Yang, the behavior of the person or object will be change. For example, if the night (Yin) is prolong and the Sun (Yang) doesn’t rise, then crops that depend on the Sun to produce food will die and the world will be in hunger.

    The 4 Seasons

    Yin and Yang give birth to the four season which is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This in turn give rise to the 4 element, which is wood, fire, metal and water.


    1) Yin and Yang are important concept in the Chinese Metaphysics. 2) Yin and Yang give birth to everything in the Universe. 3) They must be balance. If they are out of balance, things will not behave they way they suppose to. 4) When the Yin or the Yang become extreme, the opposite force will start to grow.


  • Academic Booster Back in 2010, during one family gathering, my sister told me that her eldest daughter grades is bad and she doesn't seems to be interested in her studies. Worst, she will be taking the PSLE in years to follow. My sister has being sending my niece to additional tuition and the school teacher has also arrange for additional class for those weak students. She looks very disappointed and almost wanted to give up. Then, she ask me if Feng Shui can help her. I immediately reply her, "Yes, of course". I ask for my niece birth date with time and promise her I will help to make an assessment to find out what is wrong. After the family gathering is over, I plot out my niece's Bazi chart. Her day master is a weak Geng (庚) Metal and establish her academic star as well as the academic sector. The next day, I give a call to my sister and tell her I am ready to go to her place for the assessment. After the assessment, I have establish the problems. Key issue is the study desk placement and this is the most common mistake make by most of the parents. Solution was simple, I help her to identify the sector best suited for my niece and advise my sister to shift her study desk there. Does it really work?? Three months after the adjustment, which is year end, my sister call me and told me that my niece has pass every subjects. Which is the first time, she never pass her math ever since primary 3. During her primary 6 mid year exam, she top her class and for her PSLE she managed to get all A's for all the subject.    


  • Time where everything goes wrong When I book my business to Jakarta last week. I never pay much attention to such timing. I just base on what is convenience to me even though I was educated in chinese metaphysics.I find that it is an hassle to keep checking on everything I want to do. So I book my flight back from Jakarta on Friday 9 Nov 2012 at 1120am. I was thinking that I can go for late lunch in Singapore. However, when I reach the boarding gate at 11.05am. The airline announce that due to some issue the flight will be delayed by 1 hour. I was thinking this is common and does not pay much attention. One hour later, the airline announce again that the issue is not resolve and will continue to be delay until further notice. It is then I took out my calendar and check the time. Here is the QiMenDunJia chart for the hour. Base on the cycle of destruction, the hour pillar stem H7 is clashing the day stem H1. This is where I realize that this is one of the most inauspicious hour in QiMenDunJia practice. This hour is also know as the misadventure hour. In this hour it implies there will be hiccups, accidents or delays. Even though I have learned about the implication of this hour, I still tell myself, maybe this is a co-incident. Then the airline start to distribute drinks and a cake to those whose flight are affected. While queuing, I have a chat with the person in the line and found out that his flight to KL which is schedule at 11.30am are affected as well. After some waiting, the airline suddenly announce the Singapore flight is ready for boarding. I look at the time, it is exactly 1.01pm and already pass the inauspicious hour. Isn't this Strange? or this is just an co-incident?